Boise Locals: Keep it Local | New Booking Incentives and More

Receive a Convention Center Credit + No Penalty for Unused Hotel Rooms

As Boise bounces back, why not back Boise by getting a meeting or event held locally? With facilities open for small gatherings and with health & safety procedures in place, your group can safely experience our city. If you plan events for your organization or are simply a member of one, we’re offering some great incentives for your group.

Hold a qualifying new event at the Boise Centre or book a participating Boise hotel through December 31, 2021 to receive a credit on your Boise Centre facility rental.

For more, See Incentive Details or contact us.

Get Boise Booming

It’s a Good Time to Show Off

We’d be willing to bet that the number of smiles in a city increases its appeal. Boise locals are shockingly nice…and full of smiles. Never underestimate the value of helping attendees feel at home. After all, we meet friends, and we’d love to meet yours.

With our hospitality, low-key traffic, walkability and affordability, that ‘next cool city’ is your city. So, as we all continue to recover, don’t overlook Boise if you’ve got a group event that needs hosting. After all, remember how cool your backyard is?

COVID-19 has recalibrated the sentiment and desires of travelers. Many who were once excited by new or distant places to gather are now seeking the comforts of a location they are familiar with (and near). There’s never been a better time to keep it local.

You Can Help

As Boise bounces back, you can back Boise by getting your meeting, convention or event held here. Our team does the legwork to help you or the person who plans your events get your group excited about coming to Boise. The best part? We'll try our hardest to make them feel at home while they're here.

Downtown Delivers

Insane Walkability and Innovation

The grass is greener, the streets cleaner and the walk a little easier in our urban backyard, isn't it? Downtown's ‘Restaurant Row’ along 8th St. has been reimagined as a one-block pedestrian and patio district featuring new sidewalk routes, expanded patios and more outdoor dining possibilities.

Boise Centre: GBAC STAR™ Facility

Freshly renovated and business-ready with advanced hybrid capabilities, Boise Centre has achieved the GBAC STAR™ facility accreditation for its commitment to ensuring a clean, safe and healthy environment for its employees and guests. Boise Centre has implemented the strictest standards for cleaning, disinfection and best health practices.

Unexpected Outdoor Accessibility

Our downtown does the whole 'element of surprise' bit better than anywhere. Let your group know how easily accessible and abundant outdoor recreation is, from rafting, skiing and golfing to exploring the 25-mile Greenbelt bicycle and pedestrian path or the 190+ miles of trails in our surrounding foothills.

Forbes' Top 10 Cities Best-Positioned to Recover from Coronavirus 2020

World Atlas: #9 Most Underrated City to Travel to 2020

Sunset: Most Affordable
Mountain Town 2020

Wallet Hub:
#6 Happiest State 2019

A Mecca for Meetings

A meeting or convention that comes to Boise heavily our focus. It gets a lot of attention and can take over the area in big ways.

Boise's Master Hotel Contract

Our team at the Boise Convention & Visitors Bureau offers planners the convenience of signing one contract when booking.